What is an Echolaser?

The echolaser is a modern medical technology that uses a combination of ultrasound and laser to destroy unhealthy tissue in the body.

Zalety Echolasera

Brak konieczności hospitalizacji

Krótki czas zabiegu (około 10- 30 min)

Brak bólu pozabiegowego oraz brak blizn

Niewielki stopień inwazyjności w porównaniu do tradycyjnego zabiegu chirurgicznego

Zabieg wykonywany w warunkach ambulatoryjnych

Poprawa komfortu życia poprzez zmniejszenie ucisku na tchawicę i naczynia krwionośne

Echolaser treatment.

This treatment is distinguished by its minimal invasiveness, which speeds up the process of recovery to full health. It is safe for the patient, with a characteristically low number of complications. The pain experienced during ablation is usually low and subsides once the procedure is completed. The process itself, using Echolaser technology, takes only 10 to 30 minutes and requires only local anaesthesia. It does not lead to scarring, and improves the appearance of the neck area by reducing the volume of the tumour modelling the shape of the neck. In most situations there is no need for hormone therapy, as is the case with surgical removal of the thyroid gland.

What ECHOLASERtreatment consists of

The procedure involves inserting thin fibre optics into the tumour, which emit light energy. The thermoablation method used here involves heating the tumour, causing an area of necrosis, which results in a 60-80% reduction in tumour volume. The advantage is that it is primarily minimally invasive – treatment is carried out without surgery. What ECHOLASER treatment consists of.

Is the procedure safe for the patient?

The entire lesion thermoablation procedure is carried out under ultrasound guidance, making the procedure extremely precise. The doctor controls the position of the fibres and the ablation field (field of action) at all times. Safety also lies in the micro-invasiveness of the procedure and the absence of open surgery. Fibres are inserted using fine needles through a percutaneous puncture.

Echolaser – najważniejsze informacje:
Przeznaczenie:leczenie łagodnych guzów tarczycy
Cena:od 10000 – 14000 zł
Czas zabiegu:10-30 min
Rodzaj znieczulenia:miejscowe
Reakcja:nie pozostawia blizn, uszkodzenie skóry minimalne
Rekonwalescencja:zazwyczaj ok. 1-2 dni
Efekty:widoczne od razu
Konieczna ilość zabiegów:najczęściej jeden

When the patient can return to his everyday duties?

Usually after treatment the expected therapeutic effect is achieved. Nevertheless, the target reduction in the lesion occurs for several weeks or so after the procedure, allowing the body to gradually adapt to the changes taking place.

After the procedure, a follow-up ultrasound is performed to check whether the desired effect has been achieved. In the following months, the patient comes for further follow-up appointments. However, it should be noted that not all cases will be suitable for the Echolaser procedure. It all depends on the size, location and structure of the lesion and, above all, the results of the fine-needle biopsy performed twice. Each case is unique and requires an individual approach by a specialist doctor.


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Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Yes, Echolaser is safe, but like any medical procedure, there are some risks involved. It is always advisable to consult your doctor.

Yes, the Echolaser is available in Poland and is used in many hospitals and clinics.

Yes, many studies show that the Echolaser can be effective in treating certain types of cancer.

Echolaser treatments are usually less painful than traditional surgery, but the experience may vary depending on individual pain tolerance.

Recovery time after an Echolaser procedure depends on a number of factors, but is usually shorter than after traditional surgery.

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