Piotr Włostowski

Piotr Włostowski

General surgeon Piotr Włostowski

I am a specialist in general surgery. In DUO MEDICA I perform services:

  • Removal of benign thyroid nodules – echolaser
  • Laser removal of varicose veins of lower limbs with EVLT laser
  • Laser removal of haemorrhoids with EVLT laser
  • Laser removal of skin lesions with examination
    histopathological lesion – CO2 surgical laser
  • Surgical removal of skin lesions with examination
    histopathological examination of the lesion
  • Electroresection of a skin lesion by surgical diathermy with
    histopathological examination of the lesion
  • Surgical consultations before laser treatments and
  • General surgery consultations

One of the fastest growing fields is medicine. Modern devices and technologies are appearing on the market. Laser surgery is also being developed at our institution. This makes it possible to carry out procedures in the most non-invasive manner possible. Recovery occurs very quickly. This makes it possible to improve the quality of life of patients with difficult conditions. One such innovative treatment method is the Echolaser. At our institution, the Echolaser is used to treat benign thyroid lesions.

For whom the treatment is dedicated Echolaser?

Treatments using Echolaser technology have their uses particularly in patients suffering from benign thyroid lesions, among others.

What does the Echolaser procedure involve?

The procedure involves inserting very thin fibre optics into the pathologically altered area of the thyroid gland, which release light energy. The thermoablation method used here involves heating the tumour, causing it to destroy and shrink. In this way, it is destroyed and thus loses its pathological properties. The procedure has the advantage of being minimally invasive. The symptoms disappear, the focus of disease is destroyed. Most importantly, however, the treatment of the thyroid gland is carried out without surgery.

Is the procedure safe for the patient?

The entire procedure of thermoablation of the thyroid lesion is carried out under ultrasound guidance. The procedure is therefore performed in an extremely precise manner. Throughout the procedure, the doctor controls the position of the fibres, their depth and the ablation field (field of action).

Safety also lies in the micro-invasiveness of the procedure, the absence of surgery – open surgery. Fibres are inserted using fine needles through a percutaneous puncture.

Can the procedure be performed without anaesthesia?

The procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia, without putting the patient to sleep. This makes the procedure less taxing on the body and carries a lower risk of complications. This also makes it possible to carry out the procedure in patients who cannot undergo general anaesthesia for health reasons.

Due to the lack of surgical incision, the procedure leaves no scarring. This is important in areas that are typically visible, such as thyroid tumours. The nodule, which was often visible, is destroyed and reduced in size such that the patient achieves the expected cosmetic effect, while leaving no disfiguring scars.

How effective is the treatment using Echolaser technology?

The desired therapeutic effect is usually achieved after a single session. However, the target shrinkage of the lesion still takes place several weeks after the treatment. This allows the body to slowly adapt to the changes taking place. After the treatment, a follow-up ultrasound is performed to check whether the lesion has been neutralised – destroyed. Further follow-up appointments are made in the following months. It should be noted, however, that not all patient cases will qualify for Echolaser treatment. Many times, in the case of thyroid tumours, classical surgery may be a better method. It all depends on the size, location and nature of the lesion (e.g. the lithium of the tumour), as well as in many cases the results of the biopsy. Each case is different and requires an individual approach by a specialist.

When can the patient return to their daily routine?

No long-term hospitalisation is required with Echolaser technology. The patient leaves the facility the same day and can return to their daily activities the very next day. Unlike surgical procedures, this treatment minimises post-surgical pain and leaves no scarring. At Duo Medica, procedures are performed to treat benign thyroid tumours.


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