Anna Kruczek

Anna Kruczek

Periodontist Anna Kruczek

I am a graduate of Medical University of Silesia At the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. From 2013 to 2017, I did my specialisation, which I finished with a state exam, obtaining the title of specialist in this field.

I am a member of Polish Society of Periodontology and I regularly attend in-service training courses and scientific conferences. In addition, I am involved in the work of the Outpatient Conservative Dentistry and Periodontal Diseases Clinic of the Academic Dental Centre in Zabrze, which allows me to broaden my knowledge and improve my professional qualifications. In my daily practice, I devote maximum attention and time to my patients, and I try to carry out the procedures performed with great care and attention to detail.

I spend my free time hiking on mountain trails and am also interested in rock climbing.


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