Małgorzata Muzyk

Małgorzata Muzyk

Małgorzata Muzyk, endodontist

I am a graduate of Medical University of Silesia, I did my postgraduate training at the Academic Centre for Dentistry and Specialized Medicine.

My professional priority is to provide patients with a healthy, beautiful and functional smile that meets all individual needs and expectations. I focus on professionalism, the highest quality, precision and aesthetics in my work. During visits, I strive to guarantee complete comfort, painlessness and a friendly atmosphere.

I am continuously expanding my knowledge and professional qualifications in the field of conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics and dental surgery by participating in numerous courses and conferences.
I use modern diagnostic equipment, implement innovative dental treatment methods and procedures. I am passionate about innovation, which I continually strive to incorporate into my practice.


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