Patrycja Stelmańska-Bekus

Patrycja Stelmańska-Bekus

Periodontist Patrycja Stelmańska-Bakus

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. Medical University of Silesia. Dentistry is an area of medicine that allows me to use my love of craftsmanship and intricate work.

Already during my studies, I was a member of the research club at the Department of Masticatory Dysfunction and Orthodonticsas well as Conservative Dentistry and Maxillofacial surgery.  Finally, since the beginning of my career, I have been affiliated with the Specialist Outpatient Clinic for Conservative Dentistry and Periodontal Diseases in Zabrze, where I am undergoing specialist training in periodontology. I am a member of the Polish Society of Periodontology (PTP) and Europejska Federacja Periodontologii (EFP).

Thanks to my teaching activities at the Silesian Medical University, I pass on my knowledge to the next generation of doctors. I am a co-author of scientific papers and studies. Following my ever-unsatisfied desire to strive for perfection, I actively participate in trainings and courses conducted by the most eminent Polish and foreign scholars.

My professional interests are mainly directed towards treatment of periodontal and oral mucosa diseases. In addition to this, a sphere of solace and relaxation for me is the wide-ranging cosmetic dentistry. In my daily work, I focus on micro-invasiveness, which is made possible by working under the magnification of dental loupes.

I approach my work with commitment and enthusiasm, combining my love of the profession and excellent communication with patients, with professionalism and a wealth of knowledge. My aim is not only to provide effective, safe and pain-free treatment, but also to build a relationship with the patient based on mutual trust.


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